Seasoned digital transformation executive with more than 25 years of experience in business, marketing, communication, manufacturing, supply chain, digital and technology. Lecturer and always open to learning.   

He understands that many organizations are facing one of the most challenging moments of its corporate life: transform or die!. For that reason, he works on four pillars: Strategy, People, Process and Technology. First stating where the company is today and where the company desires to be, and then outline a plan to hack the company destiny and reinvent it to face the future successfully.

About Me

What I do

I help organizations and executives to understand the future and redefine their business strategies and business models to be better prepared to face the challenges successfully. 

My Experience

Entrepreneur, author and columnist, professor and boards advisor. He was appointed by LinkedIn as Top Voice for Latam in December 2018. He has more than 25 years of experience in Business, Marketing and Manufacturing. He research on Digital Transformation  and the Future of Work. He has strategically advised companies throughout Latin America, especially in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico such as Ford, Microsoft, Citibank, Google, Movistar, Diageo, among others.

Things I love

Future of society and technology, new business models, new leadership and new people's competencies, new practices like customer centricity, agility, data driven, design thinking. Futurism and trend hunting, 


Nestor  has developed his career in major companies in many industries; large multinationals like E.I Du Pont de Nemours & Co, Accenture, Correo Argentino, WPP, Young & Rubicam and DDB, and also in technology and digital savvy companies like Response Logic, Wunderman and di Paola.He has experience working in Argentina, his native country, Brazil where lived two years and more than 15 yrs. in Mexico.

He worked for various industries: Marketing & Advertising, Consulting, Beverages (Diageo, Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc) Automotive (Ford, VW), FMCG(Coca-Cola, Bimbo, Danone), Retail (Disco, Suburbia), Telco (Telefonica and Movistar), Software and Computer (Dell, Nokia, Google, Microsoft), Services (Accor, Sodexo, OCC), Media (Televisa, Google, Prodigy MSN) Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals (Bayer, du Pont) and banking (Banamex, Citibank, Itau). Education (Tec. de Monterrey, Ibero, Utel).

Some of his major achievements; He developed a complete new business for du Pont worth a billion dollar: Tyvek for Roofing. He was pioneer in du Pont simplifying and automating the manufacturing floor all over Latam, and he set the foundations for data-driven marketing at Wunderman Latam and worldwide.

He has a unique combination of strategic, creative, analytical, operational and leadership . It is an Argentine and Italian citizen and Mexican resident.


ECUADOR 2030 Pensamiento Exponencial


 El proyecto Ecuador 2030 tiene el objetivo de construir, de la mano de diversos actores, el camino a un Ecuador innovador, sostenible y competitivo para la prosperidad de todos.

La iniciativa tiene aliados estratégicos como el Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts (MIT-REAP) y el Sistema de Naciones Unidas, en especial la Organización Internacional del Trabajo.


Speakers Ecuador2030

Internet of Things y su impacto en HHRR


Los cambios acelerados en el ambiente de negocios  y el desarrollo acelerado de la tecnología esta desafiando a los líderes de recursos humanos de todas las organizaciones. En esta conferencia Nestor Márquez en el CONGRESO NACIONAL DE RECURSOS HUMANOS 2017.. Via Recursos Humanos TV http://www.recursoshumanos.tv/2017/06...

Congreso de Mercadotecnia DIRECTA 2015 Universidad de la Comunicación


 Congreso Internacional de Mercadotecnia de Directa en la Universidad de la Comunicación. México 2015. Néstor Márquez, presidente Directa. 

IAB México Estudio de Inversión Publicitaria


2º Estudio de Inversión Publicitaria IAB. 

Néstor Márquez Presidente del Comité de Investigación y patrocinador del estudio. 

Publicado el 7 may. 2009

El estudio analiza la evolución de la pauta 

IEBS Business School Open Digital Day


Néstor Márquez nos cuenta, durante su ponencia en el Open Digital Day, cómo estamos de preparados para el futuro y las claves para afrontarlo.

La Transformación Digital y el futuro de las empresas


 2do Congreso de Innovación Financiera,  Lima, Perú, Organizado por Gan@Más y +Finanz@s.


Argentina - Brazil - Chile - Colombia - México - EEUU - Canada- Spain - Portugal - UK - India and Rusia. 

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