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Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos de Finanzas, Jun. 5-5, 2019. Hotel Marquis. CDMX. 

World Future Studies Federation - Global Conference 2019

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Néstor Márquez conference on the Future of Work and his research project at Tecnológico de Monterrey, School of Humanities - Science, Technology and Society.
Presented at de World Future Studies Federation (WFSF) - GLOBAL CONFERENCE 2019.

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Trabajo de investigación de Nestor Márquez en el Tecnologico d Monterrey, México, Escuela de Humanidades, Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad sobre El Futuro del Trabajo en el 2050.

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Design your business future


Companies know what their current business is, but they don't have much idea of what the company's future will look like in 5-10 years: Moore's Law — or the accelerated development of technology — and its impact on businesses, Moonshots , massive transformative purposes (MTPs), Business Modeling (Business Model Canvas), Design thinking to edit your company’ business model, the Four Pillars of Digital Transformations: Strategy, People, Processes and Technology. The new leadership Do you want to be the next unicorn? Or do you want to protect yourself from one? This is the opportunity. Encourage bridges between the present and the future of your business.

Platform Business Models are conquering the world


 Do you know what Uber, AirBnB, Android, iTunes, SAP, Amazon have in common? They are platforms and, unlike pipelines models, do not have assets and are growing exponentially. Discover how technology companies are aggressively innovating and conquering one market after another from a better understanding of how to connect producers and customers in a highly profitable way. They are modern monopolies and generate value through data and network effects. Guess what do most of the world's most profitable companies have in common? and discover how they do it.

The Future of Work is human


 Most speakers, when addressing the Future of Work, talk about the amount of work that will be lost due to automation and how much the less privileged classes are going to be affected by this process . Like an obscene lottery, they throw numbers at the air at times in a somewhat irresponsible way, because behind all this is people. Technology has always led us to a better world, so why this time will be different? —¿probably the pace of change ?— Humans always adapted to automation but there was in the middle a painful process in the middle, mainly when technology is accelerating. Do you want to know how we got here and how the future of work looks like? Discover how to become a successful leader in the future and how to develop the personal and organizational capabilities to face the future successfully. Change is now.

How to balance life and work for the future


 Life is too short and technology advances too fast, so what to do? To begin, we have to understand that to be successful in an exponential future, it will be necessary to develop an abundance’ mindset. With the rapid growth of technology, the opportunities will be enormous in the future, for example: how much will humans depend on work in the future if there is the possibility of a Universal Basic Income? In an exponential world instead of looking for work, our first task will be: to create our own work. Purpose will be a fundamental value in the future. We must prepare to solve the infinite number of problems that we still have unsolved. What is the purpose of your organization, society or your life? Will it still be so important to earn money in an abundant world? Get ready and find yourself a life.

Digital Transformation Strategy & Road Map


Many organizations strongly believe that digital transformation is about greater understanding and use of technology. And that is wrong. It is about understanding the new mental paradigm that digital companies have and how they are dismantling business one after another. What are the pillars of the Digital transformation? Strategy, People, Processes and Technology. Know why they are important and why you have to develop them systematically. You must understand what are the key elements to transform the business: Clients, Data, Competence, Value, Innovation and Collaboration. You will learn how to lean each of them and transform the culture of your organization in a continuous process for ever. Get a future!

Changing the world with Industry 4.0


 Technology is changing the world. If you don't believe it, evaluate what the impact on the business will be if companies like Amazon deliver consumer products in a couple of hours -and they are certainly- close. Changes in marketing, manufacturing and logistics are transforming the way we do business. Technology is having a big impact on the way to market, but more importantly, produce and move products inside and outside the company. Amazon Go is changing the way of retailing, Walmart is testing in-fridge delivery. Technologies, such as the Internet of Things, smart systems, AR/VR and Blockchain, are changing the way to control physical processes and execute them. What to say about the latest developments in data manipulation, decision making and, why not, the programming of consumer behavior. Understand how the business is changing and the enormous opportunities and challenges that are being presented, and make a difference.



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Néstor Márquez

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Polanco, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico